5/ Gaylib and Religion

5/ Gaylib and religion

Simon Jones

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Homosexuality is a sin in all the monotheisms, or was until the protestants began their pilgrimage to gay rights in the 1970s. It is not hard to understand why, both socially (see above) and physically. Accepting the passive role in sex labels you a woman in the act, which is a violation of male activeness. The active partner is generally forgiven as being essentially straight, while the passive one is reviled publicly.

But the passive role is really an enactment of nature’s supportive role for homosexual behavior. The passive partner acknowledges his secondary role, his flawed nature, Gilgamesh’s Enkidu.

Malone’s problem in Dancer from the Dance undermining his struggle to achieve a gay romance was that he was religious—he didn’t believe that a gay romance was possible since it was a sin or at best unnatural. “As a child, he consecrated his life to Christ, as an adult to some adventurous ideal of homosexual love, both had left him flat.”

Catholicism took sex seriously, but was replaced in newly invaded colonies by Protestantism, precisely because Catholicism was more traditional, resistant to the needs of capitalism. Protestantism has now erased the very concept of sin for gays. Catholic priests say that ‘the homosexual is not a sinner, it is the acts that are the sin’, but the pressure within the Catholic establishment is to condone homosexuality, including the acts.

The lack of success in preventing abortion among Catholics is a harbinger of things to come for gays. This is not so surprising given that the Christian church has always been willing to bend the rules. It embraced pagan rituals as it became the religion of the Roman empire. Muslims see this as a condemnation of Christianity but many New Age Christians argue it was a good thing.

Some liberal Christians agree that stories like the virgin birth, bringing dead people back to life, the many miraculous healings, exorcisms, transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, Jesus’ anticipated return to judge humanity, etc. derived from pagan material that had been circulating for centuries, and cannot refer to real events in Jesus’ life.

Christian mystics (gnostics) developed the myth of a god-man savior not as a literal description of the historical Jesus, but as an understanding of their “inner mysteries”. The literalist Christians, being ignorant of the inner mysteries, and well-practiced in pagan cults, did not realize that the god-man story was only a legend about a mythical being, adapting it as a literal description.

If this is true, then other key Christian beliefs have to be questioned and perhaps abandoned. This is the belief of gay Christians.

Catholic art especially is bathed in sensuality, reveling in breath-taking scenes of martyrdom (of mostly beautiful young men) and exquisite Madonnas suckling the baby Jesus. Protestant art is more straight-laced, but it was based on bourgeois culture, i.e., making money, and when it prevailed by the 18th–19th century in Europe, it used its new stupendous wealth on the arts. As secularism took hold, this meant that art became more decadent, discarding for the most part the spirituality underlying the Catholic art of the Middle Ages.

Gays have traditionally been at the center of the arts, before and after the Middle Ages. Why?

Homosexuality is a radical departure from social norms, subversive of the social order. A ‘gay’ sensibility is one which is critical, more artistic, forced to observe society from outside. Hence the predominance of gays in the arts.

If you are an outcast as a simple worker, an integral part of straight society, it is necessary to prove yourself in other ways to justify your existence. There has never been homophobia directed at outstanding artists. They are embraced by society—as long as they keep quiet about their sexual lives and don’t rock the boat. Hence the tragedy of Oscar Wilde, who could easily have avoided a public scandal, but chose to defy society instead.

Islam and gays

We can never destroy HIV but we can keep it under control. HIV is a kind of anti-social warning about the dangers of discarding time-proven social mores. Just as a cure for AIDS has proved to be possible, and has given a new life to sufferers, so awakening to the moral degeneracy that provoked the AIDS crisis, and the links between the economic and social effects of capitalism can lead to a ‘magic pill’.

A tele-evangelist on 100 Huntley last night made the following remark: at a conference, an anti-religious academic told the audience he has spent his career studying the bible. The evangelist asked, “If you despise the bible, why spend your life studying it?” “Because our whole western civilization is founded on the bible,” the atheist shot back.

The evangelist failed to take this to its logical conclusion: that the atheist sees our civilization as a fraud. The atheist has a point. The bible is full of doctored texts, with the crucifixion and resurrection pagan myths, and the worship of Mary and Jesus tantamount to polytheism. Christianity is a distortion of Jesus’s message. Is it any wonder that protestant Christianity so cavalierly embraced gaylib?

Secularism promised gaylib these days as a way to tame the inherently subversive nature of homosexuality, incorporate it into the commoditized ‘me’ culture of secular capitalism, which promises ‘the individual’ fulfilment of his desires by submitting totally to the market. But gays are on the whole promiscuous—and with complete freedom in an urban culture and ease of travel, this led to the spread of sexual diseases, especially HIV, and wiped out a generation of gaylibbers.


While a gay can be ‘proud’ of his greater sensibility (a mix of feminine and masculine), giving him greater social insight and a career, say, as a pianist, he still will sigh with frustration for not being able to experience the full gamut of human relations, including having children and being ‘one of the boys’.

He can acknowledge it is wrong in a social sense, and keep it discrete (as do Muslims), or he can join the dominant culture in a monogamous lifestyle with a fellow gay, as a couple, trying to fit into the dominant culture in stable way.

Islam is not the deadend that western secularists suppose. Celibacy and/or merely discretion and acceptance of homosexuality as a sin which should be kept out of sight worked for a thousand years, and looks like the most logical social paradigm. If done discretely homosexual behavior is not punished, as the Quranic sharia law acknowledges when it insists on four witnesses to any such act, and allows the perpetrators leniency if they acknowledge their sins and (at least nominally) repent.

This modus vivendi worked well until capitalism and its secular gaylib agenda invaded the region. The Muslim family is far more secure and a much better model for how to raise children.

Politically, too, Islam has a lot to offer. It is a religion of peace. Even neocons admit now that the only way forward in Syria is for the US to pull out. That is Quranic whether the NYT columnist Ross Dohat believes it or not. Recall that the peaceful return to Mecca (629–630) involved no killing or plunder, and amnesty was granted to the Muslims’ enemies, leading to mass conversion of the Meccans and marking the beginning of the consolidation of Islam in Arabia.

This is the Islamic program, as it has been for over a millennium


Gay marriage

Why is gay marriage so important to activists? Civil unions are perfectly adequate to cover the secular legal issues of divorce. Those who opt for marriage clearly must be religious (almost all protestant Christian), having accepted the Christianity as revised to airbrush sin out of the picture.

The legislative drive to legalize marriage is the secular establishment’s way to keep up the pressure to consolidate a revised version of all religions, forcing them to accept the secular establishment as the dominant force in society. Islam is the only real holdout.

That’s why gay marriage is a travesty not only for Muslims, but for those homosexuals who take pride in their radical, slightly subversive nature. Where would western civilization be without the (homosexual-driven) culture it produced? Culture means a critical analysis of society, or at least a reveling in beauty for its sake alone.

But gaylib is on board imperialism’s movement to undermine Islam. It is not easy to see the forest from the trees in Syria today, but the bottom line is the West has no right to impose its system on the Muslim world, including the gaylib program to impose the gay social agenda on Muslim societies.

It is incredible that western citizens, with gays in the forefront, condoned the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, which have merely added fuel to the anti-western sentiment in the Muslim world. Instead, gay groups are much more concerned with a handful of young Iraq/ Afghani men being persecuted as gays, something that would not have happened without the invasions. Sadly, gaylib has produced little of value, just as capitalism and imperialism have produced little of value.

How this will pan out is not clear. In 2011, Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier stated, “We have to carry on until Islam has been rendered as banal as Catholicism.”

Islam will never condone gay marriage and accede to the demand to revise Islam to eradicate the term ‘sin’ with respect to homosexuality. The fate of the Catholic church is less clear. But there is nothing remotely progressive about undermining a sacred rite in the name of a pro forma equality of sexes.