Is ‘gay’ a sin or a natural evolutionary outcome?

Hi friends,

I am the Simon Jones of 2004 who wrote Jews and gays – birds of a feather?  It was very popular and the ideas in it have been percolating ever since. I had hundreds of replies 10 years ago and look forward to more.

I offer here more thoughts on the debate about whether ‘gay’ is a natural order, on whether there IS such a phenomenon in nature, or whether the term ‘homosexual’ is sufficient to describe the phenomenon of males having sex with other males, for whatever reason. Sex is far too complex to slap a artificial label like ‘gay’ on someone to slot him/her into a category which he/she doesn’t want or need. It is enough that we are human beings. The rise of gaylib in the past half century has had profound impact not only in the West, but around the world, and deserves an open, unbiased debate. My hope is to do this here.

There are six essays here:

1/ Gay—a mistake or an adaptation?
2/ Secondary sexual characteristics, pre/capitalist society, and Oedipus
3/ The 19th — 20th c rise of gay movement
4/ Gays, Hollywood and Glamor
5/ Gaylib and Religion
6/ Celibacy and friendship

I look forward to any thoughts of your own.